Bree Olson

    Many girls star in adult films, but not everyone can become a star like Bree Olson. Cute tits and ass is not enough, charisma is still needed. I envy her film partners. Profession: Pornographic film actor, Nude Glamour Model, Actor

    Olson has also found success in a new phase of her career as a horror film star, getting parts in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) as well as Director's Cut, a horror movie written and produced by Penn Jillette of magic duo Penn & Teller. Bree Olson was also part of Charlie Sheen’s two “goddesses,” who he said completed “the three parts of my heart.” She said, “He is a very sensual and sexual person and when I was with him I felt as if we became one together, because he’s just so enticing sexually.” Only we have all the xxx galleries of your favorite porn star.

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